Granted, I haven’t played in over a month.. 

..but I decided to check the forums (for amusement? curiosity?), and I read up on the latest patch. The only thing I’m going to say is that the heads in Korea don’t seem to connect much with their NCWest counterparts. I highly doubt NCWest (our NC, forum staff and all) has any influence in the overall designing/planning of the game. To me, they seem to be the vessel NCKorea is using to make more money, which is a bit harsh to type, I know. This is based off observation and talking to a few people, so don’t think I try to state this as fact!

Does anyone have a post about this patch or an opinion they want to share? (Or maybe you don’t care!) I’m curious to know.

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someone that i’m good friends with in game just duelled me in game. im not a pro at 1v1 or anything esp against glads… so of course he wins. then he said something that really hurt me: “i dont expect you to be pro because youre a girl.”

being a woman is not a handicap. i go through shit that is a…

I really cannot stand people with this type of mindset. Like you said, being a woman is not a handicap especially for gaming. Yes more men play games than women but that doesn’t give them an advantage over us. It simply means that there might be more men that are “pro” at a game than there are women who are “pro” at it.

The sad thing is, a lot of “girl gamers” do not help people understand this. There are women who flaunt the fact that they have boobs and flirt to get handouts. And a lot of them do suck at the game. But a giggle or an oops instantly gets all that shrugged off since they’re girls and apparently a girl who can’t play is to be expected. So the rest of us have to work past all the stupid stereotypes and then continually prove that it isn’t just a flub and can actually play the damn game…

Try not to let it get to you too much. I know that’s easier said than done but hopefully he’ll realize just how stupid and ignorant he was being. Male or female doesn’t make a difference in how good you are at a game. What matters is the dedication you have to learning what your mistakes are and what you can do to be better. Even the “pros” still have things to learn.



just a few things ive been drawing lately :’D

  1. Kouri & Cru
  2. Cru and his starfish (hue)
  3. Verz (Blade&Soul China)
  4. Kouri Chibi ~

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I bought 5 of those 50 cost bloodmark boxes to see if I could cash in on RNG.. I think I did ok.

I bought 5 of those 50 cost bloodmark boxes to see if I could cash in on RNG.. I think I did ok.

So why did NCSoft decide they had to change the name of random armor pieces so that macros had to be redone? It’s not a big issue, but that seemed unnecessary.. gaiters isn’t too scary of a word. ;p

edit: @Marchutan- indeed

Is the next patch coming out in a few weeks? 


A person who has been absent from here for awhile. ;p

Xmas GIF’s! The first one was a bit too big, so it gets to look worse.. but it has the ghost of christmas past appear in the last split second, so that’s why it looks worse. Yes.. that. :>

EDIT: sorry, it seems I was trying to use it on the wrong account. However, for some reason I got this on an alternate account’s email address, one I don’t use.. in fact, I forgot I made it, so that was a wake up call (I didn’t even realize from the email address because I just assumed). ahhh, either my incompetence or nc trolling, or both~

edit x2: also, I attempted to use this on the other account. i got the 3rd picture as a result, oh the sighs ;p